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Fishman Pilots ReStart Program

ReStart is a global recycling program for flooring products that Tarkett initiated in 2010. Under the program, floors that have been replaced and flooring job scrap such as rubber, vinyl and linoleum tile and sheet, wall base, floorfinishing accessories and tread cuttings are collected and returned to Tarkett to be repurposed or recycled.

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Bob Wagner addresses recent news reports about the use of formaldehyde-based products
When the news broke, we at Fishman Flooring Solutions wanted to be certain about the safety of all of the products in our product line. As quickly as possible, we asked our vendor partners about the presence of formaldehyde in their products.
I am happy to share with you that, as of this date, our vendors report that there is no formaldehyde used to make any of the products we provide to the trade."

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Here's a picture showing some of our old samples that we just returned to Johnsonite for recycling / reuse!